Student Organization

PS 203 Student Organization

PS 203 is so proud of our student body's commitment to student leadership.  They are willing to step up and serve their school community. They are the active changemakers of current and future policies. They are role models for their fellow students.  They represent us to the District and community at large.  

Here's to a year of hope and challenges and student government in action.

Ms. Casper and Ms. Popovits S.O. Faculty

2023 - 2024 Student Organization

Executive Board

President: Regina Huang
Vice President: Hannah Romanow
Secretary: Keith Chu
Treasurer: Tiago Mora
Liam Burathoki
Violet Crocevera
Mia Foronda
Sage Gim
Keyla Ke
Nikolas Rigalos
Adam Saleh
Ker Song
Ryan Song
Jensen Wang
Reem Almaflehi
Caiden Banarsi
Vivian Du
Evan Jung
Cindy Hu
Ioknor Lin
Josephine Lin
Elaina Martinez
Yusuf Osman
Heaven Park
Hailey So
Andrew Sun
Colton Tai
Kate Yern
Emilia Ajero
Mara Avedian
Liam Banarsi
Ariel Bennoun  
Kaitlyn Lee  
Darren Lin
Aiden Man
Alanna Ogelsby
Demetri Rigalos
Zoe Sen
Gabrielle Solomon
Ronaldo Song
Lincoln Trioche
Steve Wang

2023-2024 Induction Ceremony