• Welcome to PS 203Q: The Oakland Gardens School!

    Welcome to PS 203Q: The Oakland Gardens School!

    PS203 (26Q203) - Oakland Gardens

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Some schools continue to keep children inside when the temperature is below 32 degrees.  This is not consistent with current Health Department recommendations or current DOE policy.  Children benefit from vigorous exercise and should be given the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Unless it is snowing or there is ice on the playground, low temperatures should not be a barrier to outside play, as long as children are appropriately dressed. The Health Department strongly encourages principals to maintain outdoor play periods on the vast majority of winter days.  

Pre-K For September 2017

The Pre-K Directory and Admission Application has begun!

Information Sessions:  Pre-K Info.pdf 



A New Way to Read to Your Kids: Bedtime Math!

Check out a unique app that "helps kids love math!"   bedtime math app.pdf 
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Cell Phone Policy

PS 203 Cell Phone Policy

Students may bring cell phones, computing devices, and portable music and entertainment systems to school, but they may not be used at school.
In addition, please remember that PS 203 is neither responsible for nor liable for any items that are stolen, lost, misplaced or broken if brought to school including, and not limited to, the bus and playground areas.  To view the complete memo, click here: Cell Phone Policy

Keep Your Kids Safe from the Flu

Check out the Flu Guide for Parents! the flu a guide for parents.pdf