School Song!

P.S. 203 School Song
Music and Lyrics by Linda Holcomb
Many years ago a mayor had a dream
To build a brand new school in New York City, Queens
Bayside was the chosen town
So many children all around
And so the school was built and opened up its doors
And Springfield Boulevard was changed forever more
1960 was the year
You could hear the children cheer
P.S. 203, we're one big family
A place where teachers make the learning fun
P.S. 203, is where we love to be
Reading, writing, arithmetic,
Science, band, and art
Chorus, dance, and drama club
Really touch our hearts!
Fifty-three years have passed since that first day
And now our school is known for excellence always
Creative learning is a big part
A model showcase for the arts.
P.S. 203, P.S. 203, P.S. 203, the place to be!